January 1 2018 – departure

After a hectic and stressful month of finishing work, packing, preparing, planning, moving everything out of the house after 13 years, then cleaning the house (after 13 years) and loading the car for 12 months on the road…..we finally hit the road early on January 1st.

Actually we left Korora the night before once the house was empty and cleaner than it’s ever been and did the big, long-haul, 17 minute drive to Sawtell where Nanna Fleur hadn’t had a day off for a week or so looking after either Lach and Cammie on alternate days while we packed, moved, cleaned, repaired, mowed (sweated through some heat) etc etc. We can’t express how much that helped us in that final flurry of activity and hopefully there was a well-deserved few days of rest once we pulled out and disappeared down the road.

Just as importantly, we are leaving behind an important member of the family – Ruby. She knew we were up to something and watched every move for weeks. But a dog on the road was just not what we could manage and there is absolutely (ABSOLUTELY) no room in the ute. When Gramps went outback, he used to put the dogs in the ute first, of course, and then pack what he could around them – he’d travel with one less water jerry can and leave his pillow behind so long as the dogs had plenty of space in the back. Ruby would’ve had half the ute to jump around in and bark like a maniac.

But this time she’s staying behind. What Ruby needed was a holiday at her best buddy Sasha’s house. There was no way Josh could do the drop off so Aim was tasked with loading her in the car and taking her to Jess and Nath’s house. Again, much appreciation to you guys for not thinking twice about taking in a homeless dog (especially at the exact same time as our new nephew/cousin Darcy (aka Les or Darce) arrived home!). Plus, as a bonus for taking Ruby, you guys get – not one…..but two old chooks to feed! Hopefully you get a few eggs to sweeten the deal. Thanks again very muchly!


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