Jan 2 2018- Kapatur

After our first night we got going the next morning with a trek up Mt Kaputar on the walk which started from our campsite. They reckon you can see 10% of NSW from the top of Kaputar and it is a pretty spectacular lookout. We had the place to ourselves except for one bloke who pulled up in the car park which was around 30 seconds and 40 steps from the summit. Seemed a bit of a cheat but we decided our next trek to the summit to see the view in different light might involve a drive to the lazy car park as well.

We tested out the solar panels which worked well and fiddled with the fridge temperature to work out what setting kept things cold and what settings draw too heavily on the auxiliary battery.

A few more campers showed up – one family ended up near us pretty late – shame because the boys are quick to make friends and have a play but we were leaving early.

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