Jan 11- Mimosa Rocks

There’s some dispute over who was responsible for leaving one of the car doors open all night. That argument was halted as the extent of the possum raid was assessed. This wasn’t one possum who quietly snuck in and nibbled a biscuit. This was a marauding band of monster marsupials who found, opened, ate and recklessly discarded every bit of food that was in the car. Luckily that was limited to snacks we had in the car – biscuits, nuts, a bit of bread. Fortunately the party was over before any of our furry friends needing to go to the toilet – one small wee was cleaned up.

Anyway, after an explore of our pebbly boulder beach again, we walked along a track maybe 700 metres to the most beautiful sandy swimming beach. The water was so crystal clear and a very nice temperature. Aim and Lach went rock-pooling on the headland and found cool starfish. Very enjoyable day. Our backpacker neighbours had left (possibly tired after hearing the possum party) and we cooked up a bbq in the adjacent picnic area.

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