Jan 6- Blowering Dam

We had a quick fish the next morning using whatever “bait” we could rustle up (or that Aim would allow to be acquired from the fridge). No luck but it was fun to throw a line in. We didn’t expect the boys to be as keen on fishing as they are and somewhere along the way Lach has mastered the art of casting.

We headed back through Gooloogong and then worked our way down to Young and stopped at a playground for some exercise / energy release. Pushed through Cootamundra to Gundagai and had lunch at the TuckerBox. Very different to what we remember (as are many “big” things when you see them when you are young and then return 25 years later – Josh remembers wondering why the the council would remove the original “Horse and Foal” statue at Scone and replace it with such a small replica??).

LC Tuckerbox at Gundagai

We decided in the heat wave conditions to head through Tumut into northern Kosciusko to find somewhere close (very close) to the cooling waters of Blowering Dam. We drove around for a while checking out campsites. School holidays and the weekend meant lots of people on the water in water-ski power boats plus lots of people all along the shoreline. We ended up at “The Pines” and set up camp fairly high overlooking the dam but with easy access to the water. The swimming was great even though the edges were warm and the boats stirred things up a bit. 15 metres out it was cool, clear water. The boys can quickly turn into fish and the warm water kept them in playing together for hours.

A lone emu wandered around the camp and along the shoreline – mostly keeping to himself.

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