Jan 13-Lakes Entrance

An easy pack up from the motel and we headed off in rain – again pleased to not be rolling up a wet tent. Down the Princes Highway which was extra busy on a Saturday with many people going home from holidays. A nice drive through the ranges though and crossed our first state border into Victoria. Had a lunch stop at Orbost on the Snowy River – seemed cooler but it could be psychological being our first stop in Vic.

Pushed on to Lakes Entrance and found yet another bustling town full of holiday makers. This time it was very cool when we got out of the car and most people were rugged up. Aim headed straight for the nearest wharf and returned with a kilo of the freshest prawns you could get – literally off the back of the trawler. While Aim did a quick shop for supplies, Josh googled up a potential bush camp out at Lake Tyers State Park. Looked promising but likely to be full of campers, boaters, kayakers, fishers etc. Off the bitumen, the road got quite rough quite quickly – a good sign that hopefully would deter caravanners and 2WDers. After a few dead ends at picnic areas with no camping signs, we made it a spot with a nice clearing for a camp and even a pit toilet and – surprise surprise – absolutely no one around. Some steps lead down to the edge of the lake and it was very peaceful spot. The wind was blowing quite strong but we had a little bay where we could fish and explore the lake edge.

Aim got her kilo of prawns off the back of the trawler


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