Jan 14 – Lakes Entrance

We settled in for a non-travel day and continued to wait for the next batch of campers to arrive….but no one came. We had a day of organising the car, pulled the winch line out to dry (synthetic rope) and ran it back in nice and tight.

The boys opened their Distance Education schooling packs for the first time and had a look through all the materials, work sheets and books (Secret Seven….woohoo). Still a few weeks until we officially go back to “school” though so it was all carefully packed up in the blue satchels and stored away.Fist look at Distance Education packs

The weather was average – bearable because we were sheltered – but windy and short periods of light rain. In between we could do some exploring – a good walking track around the lake edge with a few trees and shrubs labelled on signs that were probably installed in the 1970’s – someone put the effort in long ago. And the edge of the lake was good for exploring too – lots of mussel shells, the water was clear with small bream and mullet jumping high out of the water.


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