Jan 25- Jamison River Camp- GOR

Terrible night with car doors banging non stop, loud people way too close and even more cars and vans driving in in the middle of the night. We started to re-think the real value of paying for somewhere to camp versus the noisy chaos of a free camp. Gradually the carpark camp emptied during the morning.

There were a couple on motorbikes down at the first campsite (No.2) where we had initially stopped at but were put off by the ” humpy ” tent in the bush. They were heading off today and we decided that maybe that campsite was the go – at least no one could stop and camp near us in a car or van because the track was too steep. As we attempted to claim the site, our Aussie surfer mate Terry who had put the tent up to save a spot for his mates swooped in and got it leaving us to spend another night in the backpacker carpark.

Terry and his mate Benny drove up to get their tent and we could see they were weighing up the campsite options. This required some negotiation. We currently had the largest campsite and Josh decided to try and strike a deal. As it turned out they had quite a few tents and needed the room so we did a trade off sites and within half an hour had packed and moved.

The new camp was closer and an easier walk to the nice little beach. We could set up so we were shielded from the parade of cars that we knew was coming from 4pm until after midnight.  A nice swim at the beach and an explore of the rocks and we were much more relaxed.

Jamiesons Beach with GOR cut into the cliff behind

We did a trip back into Lorne for some fish and chips and the boys had a brief swim at the main beach. A quick stop at the supermarket and we were back on one of the most spectacular sections of GOR to return to our camp.

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