Jan 26- Jamison River Camp- GOR

A much better night in our new campsite – a quick sticky-beak at the top campground proved that the chaotic backpacker parking lot had again eventuated with another night of noise, litter and surface turds. But we had our own spot.

Australia Day it was. The Great Ocean Road through Jamiesons Creek was hectic from early in the morning. Lots of motorbikes who try and get through their winding superbike track before the slow traffic builds.

We decided to stay put and make use of the unique little beach we had on our doorstep. Fishing, beach cricket, frisbee and some lazing around with a beer and glass of wine hit the mark.

The traffic going past was like a train – just a continuous line of cars, vans, buses – every now and again a over-revving motorbike would use the small overtaking opportunity to try and get past a few cars – we had a vantage to see what was coming the other way – a few close calls but most cars were going so slow it all seemed to work.

The cricket was great fun. Some good innings all round and a few classic catches of course. Josh stubbed his big toe in the wet sand during an epic catch (it actually may have been dropped but the theatrics of it all overshadowed the exact detail). Some sort of hairline fracture according to the team doctor (Dr Josh) – likely to miss a few games.

The campsite seemed mostly pretty tame – but backpackers are unpredictable these days and facebook pages can see 10 pommies sitting around having a drink rapidly escalate into 1000’s if they find an excuse ( I suppose Australia Day is their day of celebrating sending all us crims off to the penal colony). But it was calm and we had a relaxing afternoon.



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