28 Jan- Aire Crossing

We had a final swim at our Jamiesons River beach – lucky it was named or it would now be known as Keating Beach. Similar to our situation a few days ago, a woman with kids came asking if we might be leaving today so she could change camps (from up the top where the backpackers were many and feral). We made sure that she could set up some gear before we’d packed up and she had the best site for a few nights. We ran into the ParksVic rangers again and had a chat about the next campsite we were headed for. We then got going to get some more of the Great Ocean Road under our belt as well as deviate up into the Otway Ranges again to see some of what was on offer away from the steep cliffs, rugged coastline and pounding surf. Our destination – selected from a dart hitting the map as well as some helpful advice from the ParksVic guys – was Aire River Crossing. Aire River is a good size waterway and we considered camping down on the coastal reaches but decided upon the inland option. Most people, like we did, drive past the small campsite – end up seeing the river and the rapids and the waterfall – and then excitedly turn around to get back, set up camp and get back down there for a swim. It was a hot day and we were quick to hit the water. There was a good flow through shallow rapids, rock pools and then a waterfall – ok… it was only a one metre drop – but with the force of water going over it was fantastic. Being a Sunday, and being hot, local people and families came and went – dropping in for a cool-down dip. Eventually the campsites filled up and we settled in.

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