1 Feb- Grampians- Plantation Camp

Our second day at the Grampians and we decided to head up to The Pinnacle which was an enjoyable trek – not an overly steep or demanding walk but it takes a while winding along through the bush and over the rock outcrops – very much like the Blue Mountains. At The Pinnacle lookout, the wind was howling as it is so exposed but the view is exceptional. Amy wasn’t a big fan of the perilous lookout that jutted out on a steep rock ledge with sheer cliff drop-offs either side. After a brief stop we started the return journey stopping at some of the better rock outcrops to climb around and search for the varied reptiles that were easily spotted.

After a quick lunch stop, we decided to head to the nearby Mackenzie Falls and decided, with the boys enthusiasm for more walking waning, to do the easier walk to two of the vantage points looking out over the falls from different angles. The base of the falls looks inviting but with swimming not allowed (not that this stopped the people swimming down there) and the walk being pretty steep – we opted out.

Mackenzie Falls

We got back to camp and tested out the bush shower which had a bee swarm problem along with a blocked shower head issue. But if you could push past these challenges a shower of some sort – more a dribble of water – was possible.


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