Feb 10 – Mt Scott Conservation Park

We headed across to the coast and drove through Robe and up the coast to Kingston SE which was is a small coastal village with a narrow row of house stretching way along the beachfront. There was a triathalon on over the next few days so it was busy. The cheap camping area on the coast was for caravans only which us tent-dwellers felt was very very discriminatory. We did a quick shop and the GPS was telling us to head for a small green patch on the map called Mt Scott Conservation Park  which was only about 20kms away. We got out there and drove in hoping to find some space to camp. It was empty and with the wind blowing pretty strong we took our time checking for the best sheltered spot. As usual we waited for someone else to show up but it was just us. A small sign talked about Mallee Fowl and we followed some tracks in the hope of spotting one. Amy and Cam managed to find an old nest mound which was exciting enough. There were also wombat burrows so we were happy to find such a great little reserve out amongst continuous flat grazing land.

We set up camp and settled in. The boys stayed up late hoping to see a wombat walk through but we were out of luck.




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