Feb 13 – Through Adelaide

We packed up camp and drove down to Cape Jarvis and then along the north/west coastline of the Fleurieu towards Adelaide. Our plan was to push through Adelaide and find somewhere on the other side to camp after a big day’s drive. Supercheap Auto had loaded credit onto our membership card because we had pu something that they had then, shortly after, put on special, so they had to credit us the difference. Anyway, one of our old camp chairs was looking very used so we decided to use the credit to buy a new one. Fortunately enough we drove right up to a SCA somewhere in Adelaide and got that purchase sorted out.

We got some fuel as well but lost out as we seem to have found Adelaide’s most expensive petrol station. We pushed on and found a free camping area that was on the outskirts of a small town called Mallala. It was pretty bland consisting of a gravel carpark – really catering for caravans and RVs. We stopped, put the awning up and had a think about it. The adjoining sportsground had a grassy srip right on the other side of a small fence. The signs seemed to indicate that camping was permitted on a small section so we decided that we’d run with that. The sportsground was also good for the boys to run around plus there was a skate ramp so the scooters came out, plus there were cricket nets, plus other kids staying in caravans there – so the boys were taken care of.

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