Feb 14 – Mallala – Clinton Conservation Park

Sometime during the night the wind started to really howl. The tent was ready for take-off and poor Lach who sleeps in his own room was in the direct line of fire. Unfortunately the tent, which has probably notched up 8 or more years of service, had a cracked pole which we had already taped up while we organised a replacement (which Josh had got but hadn’t installed yet…!!). This wind just destroyed that and half the tent collapsed in on Lachie’s bed. We used some guy ropes to pull it out and decided that there wasn’t much else we could do til morning.

Once the wind died down, Josh slipped the broken pole out, and installed a new one. We headed down to the Mallala Hotel for lunch and watched the world go by at the main six-way intersection. Surprisingly busy with a salad bar and nice hot bread rolls provided.

We walked back to camp and Josh and Lach had some cricket practice in the nets. The boys kept scootering as well with the other kids. About 2pm, two council officers pulled up and tried to explain that we were camping in a no camping area. Josh pointed the signs out to them which clearly indicated that there were areas of no camping and where we were was in an area that you could assume camping was permitted. Once they realised Josh was winning the argument, the council woman snapped and said if we were here in two hours the police would be called. Talk about an over-reaction. At least the council bloke was more accepting that their signs were wrong and said he would look into getting it sorted out. Being a small town and knowing that the local copper was probably the council woman’s husband, we reluctantly packed up and left for an unknown destination at 3 oclock in the afternoon.

We made it around the tip of the gulf and started down the Yorke Highway. Shortly after we found a small rest area adjoining the Clinton Conservation Reserve and decided to drop the awning tent for a quick camp. A few other campervan/RVs had the same idea.

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