Feb 7 – Mt Gambier State Forest

We left the camp set up – pretty confident it was safe out in the bush while we did a day trip  – and headed back through Mt Gambier and out to the Little Blue Lake which is claimed to be a popular swimming spot. It’s another remarkable feature with the open flat plains suddenly dropping off with 10 metre high cliffs surrounding a small roundish sinkhole filled with deep, clear water. There were four people swimming and jumping off the cliffs. It was a bit festy around the edges though and the warning sign about blue-green algae put us off and we steered clear. Apparently ten years ago there were car bodies in the bottom of the pool that had been rolled over the cliffs. The council had to close it due to water quality problems and had done a lot of work – we weren’t sure what – to get it clean again.

Little Blue Pool outside Mt Gambier

We hit the road and kept driving out to Port MacDonnell hoping for some seafood but all they care about is crays – claiming to be the rock lobster capital – which are very expensive at around $100. We got fish and chips instead – we didn’t rate it very highly and think they should stick to their lobster. We walked out the jetty and then looped back through the small town. A brief stop in the local library and we sorted through their excess books and DVD collection which were for sale for $1 mostly – walking away with more stuff to try and fit in the car!

Back through Mt Gambier and back to camp.

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