Feb 9 – Naracoorte

We decided to stay another night as Helen – the showground camp caretaker – told us about the Naracoorte food and wine festival on the next evening – plus…at the very showground we were staying at there was an outdoor cinema kids movie night on as part of the festival.

As it turned out, the food and wine festival was on a different night so, when in doubt (and hungry), head for the local Chinese restaurant. Actually, there was minimal choice in food with lots of empty shops. Even one of the pubs had gone into voluntary administration and was just re-opening the bistro that night. The chinese was good and we aren’t doing too much takeaway or restaurants on the trip so we enjoyed.


We took advantage of our free access to the showground to watch the kids movie – Trolls – at the outdoor cinema. Of course in the country, this involved a cattle truck being parked on the showground field, a large white tarp is cable-tied onto one side, and a projector beams the movie while everyone sits around on the grass. A small train ride was running around the showground before the movie and as they went past our camp the first time we waved and smiled. The next time we were a bit more enthusiastic with a little cheer. The next ten trips the driver could be heard announcing as the train approached “these people are very friendly…everybody get ready to wave” and sometimes up to 15 passengers would wave and cheer. The one time we weren’t there because we’d gone over to the ice cream van was devastating for those on board.

There was also an awesome sunset, the boys got ice cream which had to be eaten quick before it melted.

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