Feb 18 – Marion Bay

We packed up and did a shop in the Ardrossan supermarket before heading south along the east coast of Yorke peninsular. A big drive through Port Vincent, Stansbury and Edithburg but the weather had turned with a windy day and even some unexpected but very light rain – so some time in the car was good for everyone. Lach has mastered the art of sleeping in the car – it doesn’t take long and he’s asleep sometimes – the only problem is when he tries to sleep when we are driving in the arvo and then he won’t go to sleep that night. Cammy is a bit more difficult to encourage to have some shut-eye. But if we push him and sometimes bribe him with a jelly bean after he has a sleep, he’s starting to realise he can sleep as we drive.

We got off the St Vincent Highway near where the Pink Lakes are – not sure if these are more broadly spread across the area but they are impressive when you see their colour. Down to the coast we wound our way along the dirt road along the beaches and bays – Foul Bay and the others. It was a slow sometimes bumpy road but better than the other option of sitting on 110 driving through the open cropping and grazing land.

Finally we made it to Marion Bay. Not much more than a caravan park, cafe, general store and pub. Most of the houses are holiday shacks although some are newer, more modern and a bit more expensive than the corrugated iron shacks that are typical of the foreshore. There’s a jetty and offers fishing into the deeper water.

We pulled in to the caravan park and Amy went in to see what was available. You could fire a cannon in any direction and not have a chance of hitting anyone so it seemed strange that whenever we tried to use the online booking/availability functions (at just about every caravan park we’ve been past lately) it says there’s no availability. Something’s broken obviously. The place was so quiet we got to choose the best camp site and set up. A good layout, large enclosed camp kitchen/bbqs/lounge, other outdoor bbqs, a fish cleaning table that was in view of our camp so we could stroll past when we saw someone there and check what was caught (whiting mostly) and direct access to the beach.

It was blowing a bit of wind when we arrived so the beach and the bay weren’t showing their best sides but we could still explore. Josh got the kids to bed while Amy disappeared to the camp kitchen to sit on the lounge and watch My Kitchen Rules.

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