Feb 19 – Marion Bay

Monday morning was a school lesson phone call with Miss Swan in Port Mac. With so few people around the caravan park we decided to use the camp kitchen as our spot. Cammy went first on the phone while Lach and Josh went for a walk. They made it up to the Jetty with the wind behind them and then decided to loop around the shops and come back inland and sheltered from the wind – a surprising longer walk than planned and it was quick step back to be in time for Lach’s phone lesson.

After lunch Amy took the boys for a beach walk and made it to the southern end of the beach and found the great caves which are huge – tidal, wash-out caves that go in deep. We started organising the Google Hangouts platform that we could use to video call (bascially skype) Miss Swan so the boys could be face-to-face with their teacher. After a few challenges (mostly due to broken NBN coverage to the caravan park (surely the NBN couldn’t be broken!!??)) we broke through to the Port Mac school and the boys got to chat to Miss Swan which was a great opportunity for them to see who they were talking to on the phone.

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