Feb 20 – Marion Bay

With the wind blowing in onto Marion Bay, we decided to head down into Innes National Park to drive around the coastline, sight-see from some clifftops and hopefully get a swim at a non-windy beach, bay or inlet. Stenhouse Bay jetty was our first stop for a walk. Cammy saw the emu ‘statue’ that we had to stop and reverse up for. The statue had changed and a younger emu was there as well….and then the rest of the emu family walked past as well….!

Cammy thought the emus in Innes NP were statues

A few people squid jigging off the Stenhouse jetty but no catches to report. Nice deep water off the end of the jetty though which looked like a good spot for a fish. Good history signs as well about the place – once a happening village loading ships with gypsum but now abandoned.  The water was crystal clear looking down from the lighthouse lookouts and we were just saying that a shark or dolphin would be easily spotted when a shadow in the water caught our eye. A shark – maybe three metres + – was cruising along the beach but well out from the shoreline – amazing to watch. We still got the guts up to have a swim at Pondalowie Bay (which was flat as a tack for the surfers out there…). A walk around Inneston historical site was great – really enjoyed seeing the layout of once was a remote but functioning town. A lot of the buildings are ruins with anything still substantial or structurally sound used for tourist accommodation. Our highlight was the bakery… which has no roof…and the walls are disintegrating……but the wood fired oven is still there!

We got tangled up in the trusty GPS guiding us along the round trip back to Marion Bay – only to find that the road (apparently through to Gym Beach) runs out at Browns Beach. But the drive the other way was a different perspective.

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