Feb 21 – Yorke Peninsular

We headed off to find Gym Beach that we couldn’t reach yesterday due to the dead end!!. It was an awesome spot with a sheltered cove and lots of rock pools to explore – we decided that a camp here and some snorkelling in the large sheltered pools would be our best stop. Talking to some campers – they suggested site 5 where they were staying was the best with shade and away from any coastal wind – but as we tried to book online it was taken – being a weekend not surprising. There were awesome blowholes but no swell to push through except for the ones closest to the low tide line – when the swell is pumping though it would be great to see.

We decided to drive up through Yorketown to shop and found a busy place – obviously the main centre for the surrounding rural framing area. We then looped around past Corny Point which had a lighthouse, lots of dolphins swimming below, and….drum roll…. shark rock – which is (sorry to spoil the excitement) a rock in the exact shape of a shark dorsal which emerges from the water (something like you’d see in Jaws) as the swell pushes in and out. We stopped in along the way to see more coastal sites and check what camps were there and then pushed back to camp.

Shark rock at corny point - we saw lots of dolphins instead

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