Feb 25 – Parachilna Gorge

We decided on a rest day today with no travel. Being a Sunday we decided to go through school work to finish off bits and pieces before the phone lesson with Miss Swan tomorrow.

But there was plenty to do without getting in the car. Lots of wildlife (and the feral goats of course) and the gorge where we were had great walking and exploring.

Goat on rocks at Wilpena Pound

We set up the awning tent to escape the flies and make it more comfortable for the boys to work on the table. It was also exciting for the boys to open the jumbo arts and craft package Miss Swan had sent all the way from Port Macquarie. There were a few hours of sorting through and playing with different things. The geometry set was popular – imagine the first time you put a pencil in a compass and could draw this perfect circle!! Thanks Miss Swan.

Sorting through the new activity pack fro Miss Swan

A very peaceful place – highly recommended if you are exploring the Flinders Ranges – free, heaps of spots to camp, and a great base to do day trips from.

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