Feb 27 – Whyalla

We headed off for some exploring of Whyalla. Back in the 1980’s the town managed to buy back the HMAS Whyalla warship which was built in Whyalla back in the 30’s – just in time to be sent off as a mine clearing ship in WWII. The ship was now sits out of water – way out of water – at the visitor information centre. We did a great tour of the ship – thanks to Fi – our guide who knew so much and spoke about it like she had been there when the ship was attacked by Japanese planes.

After our tour there was so much more to see in the museum, marine education centre and model train exhibit….luckily Fi said she’d give us a pass-out so we could go and have lunch and then come back in the afternoon.

We did a quick bbq at the foreshore and decided to go for a swim in the netted marina pool to cool off. We could see dolphins swimming around the entrance. The BigBlueYonder team had seen the dolphins swim in following the fishing boats and had patted them – unbelievable they would come in so close. But fortunately while we were here a small boat came in, we could see the dolphins following, and we got down there and were SO close to them it was amazing. Two small baby dolphins were highlights.

We swam, cooled off and then headed back to the (air conditioned) museum/education centre. We couldn’t leave – so much to read through about so many different themes (marine exhibit a highlight) and then….. we found the model train display – basically a non-stop, complex, complicated, fine-scale, detailed model of the railway system operating in the region. The Ghan, Indian Pacific, iron ore being constantly moved from the “iron range’. It was amazing and captivating. We (ok…Josh being the main one captivated by the trains running around) were stuck there until we realised they were closing. We left at 4.01pm and were very thankful to Fi and the great peeps in the visitor information centre.

Back to the caravan park and we chipped in for a bbq being run as a Camp Quality fundraiser at the camp kitchen – $12 for “four meats, four salads, wine or beer” – a great time and cammy even got to read out the raffle prize winner. We got chatting to Tony and Melinda from “Cruisin’theCountry” and got so much information on campsites.

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