22 March – Cape Le Grande NP

The Nullabor is done – a long drive but some great remote country to enjoy. And the edge of the continent doesn’t get more dramatic. We pulled into Norseman which is really the first town after the Nullabor and stopped at the visitor information centre to find any tourist brochures we hadn’t found before – we walked out with a stack of guides for south/south-west WA. Lach started his library where he controlled all the info books and loaned them out from his back seat library desk. We explained about Grandma being a librarian and suggested he looked destined for a big career in the ‘book dispersal’ field.

The Norseman visitor info centre was a good set up with some showers for $2 (5 minutes of hot water meant an adult and child could be scrubbed for a coupla bucks). We did a small shop in the Norseman IGA (not knowing what we were in for next) and then headed down towards Esperance – not much on the map after doing the Nullabor but a long drive.

Esperance is a big town. We headed out towards Lucky Bay – the tourist highlight of the area – the camping area was full so we we kept going out to Rossiter Bay – beautiful spot and we settled in for the night.

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