April 2 – Through Perth to Yanchep

Easter Monday and we packed up and headed north with a plan to weave our way through Fremantle, across the Swan River and a brief stop in Kings Park with sweeping views over Perth and the river. Being a public holiday the usual hustle and bustle of the CBD areas of Freeo and Perth was non-existent with lots and lots of people choosing the beach to spend this hot day. We thought that a good idea too so we hit the coastal drive and stopped at Quinns Rocks which was a great beach with a large netted swimming enclosure. No waves but a strong surge of water pushed onto the beach which was fun for the boys to play in.

Yanchep lagoon and reef

After lazing around for a while we decided we better start looking for a spot for the night and we didn’t have to go much further north before we reached Yanchep and headed east into the state forest. In the pine plantation area there were lots of tracks and we chose a good spot and set up camp. On the way through Perth we’d come across a few seafood shops and one had Marron – the iconic freshwater crays unique to the south west which we’d been unable to catch or purchase on our way through Pemberton. So once camp was setup two Marron that had been sitting in the freezer since being purchased were cooked up. They didn’t blow our taste buds away but it was the first time we’d ever prepped and cooked them so there’s sure to be great recipes out there.

Yanchep - Marron


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