JALC OZ 2018 – Travelling Australia

Hello! We’re Josh, Amy, Lachlan and Cameron (“JALC”). Welcome to our website.

Please excuse the amateur nature of it all but we simply wanted to have something online to document our travels, record details and photos of adventures and experiences and have somewhere we can look back at when our year of travel during 2018 is over.

Plus people wanted to know where we are, how we’re going, what we’re doing and plan (or at least dream about) their own “Big Lap” adventure of Australia.

And, of course, those that have done it all before can also hopefully chip in their ideas on places to go, people to see, where the best camps are and lots of other knowledge and information. Feel free to get in touch if you have anything to add!

For many, many years we’ve dreamt about packing it all in for a year and heading off on “walkabout” (…thanks Cheryl…) around Australia to travel, explore, drive, camp, four-wheel drive, hike, fish, swim, bird-watch, rock-hop, sight-see, creature-hunt, snorkel and experience as much of this country as we possibly could in 12 months (within the reasonable bounds of a 5-year old and an 8-year old doing it all too).

About two years ago – maybe sometime in 2015 – we actually set a date and started seriously thinking about the planning and logistics – jobs, house, Ruby The Dog, kids schooling, our last two remaining chooks, the cost, mode of travel, ………the cost…….., tent?, camper trailer? or some sort of roof-top setup?, the cost, more thought about the cost, the boys age and level/ability to immerse/enjoy/learn from the experience, and, yes, yes, the cost (every now and again Aim has been busted on her calculator with a frown, shaking her head, mumbling about the cost).

But here we are, on the road…..JALC….OZ…….2018……………………

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