April 11 – Waigen Lakes

After three days in Geraldton we were ready to head off but some school lessons were needed before we departed. After a skype lesson with Mrs Alley we headed off north on a windy day. We stopped in at Coronation Beach campground which was right on the beach, very exposed and not attractive in the wind. We deviated off the highway onto the road out to Port Gregory and then off that onto an even smaller road out towards Horrocks.

Spotting a road off along a tidal creek we wound our way down to the beach and found the road kept going along the coast – a bit sandy but driveable. Strong south west winds kept up so we sought out a large sand dune to use as protection for a camp. It seemed to work and then wind was somewhat blocked. The views were amazing as we were up quite high but right on the ocean with reefs and large waves pounding away.


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