April 14 – Hamelin Pool

Leaving Murchison and Kalbarri behind after a great few days, we headed out into the outback for a long drive stopping off at the Billabong Roadhouse for some fuel, hot chips and someone had to be difficult and have a chicko roll. Onward, we stopped in at Hamelin Pool to check out the Stromatolites which have a great boardwalk so you can walk out over the top. The water clarity is spectacular and the colour beautiful. They are fascinating but we all agreed we’d seen enough Stromatolites, Thrombolites and/or other similar microbial thingamabobs for this year!

hamelin stroms2

We headed further out and took the turnoff for Steep Point – Useless Loop Road. Only a short drive along we entered the national park and a large roadside area mainly used as a gravel stockpile area caught our eye as a potential camping spot. Driving in we spotted a bush track leading off into the scrub and we found a great spot that has been well used before as a camp – enough room to turn around easily and space for the car and tent. Just as we were setting up two other cars nosed down the track looking for a similar campsite so luckily we’d got in first.


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