April 17 – towards Carnarvon

Camp packed up and we were quickly back on the NW Coastal Highway. Carnarvon was 200kms north and, as much as we love driving through the low scrubby landscape, there’s not much to report.

sign road train 36m

We got into Carnarvon and had a look around. Out at the wharf area we spotted a sign for fresh-cooked king prawns….$20 a kilo…..yes, yes, we had to get a kilo and a half. Fresh bread stick and avocado from Carnarvon woolies and we had dinner sorted. The council provides a good water filling spot which we made use of and then decided to head out to New Beach which is a council run campsite – nothing there really but the ranger sometimes comes around and collects small fees. It’s right on a mangrove fringed bay with lots of crabs. It really is the place where the desert meets the sea – we camped at the base of a red sand dune where it mixes with white beach sand. A few old codgers have taken up permanent residence which gives the place a degraded look. The best feature is a set of whale bones which were presumably salvaged from a nearby stranding and collated into a bit of a monument.

New Beach campsite

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