April 19-20 – Kennedy Range

A good quick camp pack-up – not sure why it goes so smoothly sometimes. We got back on the road – back through Carnarvon we did some shopping, looked through the Visitor Info Centre and ran some dusty, dirty clothes through the laundromat. Another kilo of Carnarvon’s finest King Prawns was stashed away in the trusty Waeco fridge and we were on our way.

Having moved up the WA coast and done minimal inland travel – we felt we should head out along the Gascoyne River and explore the Kennedy Range. It was a long drive but keeping alert for a wide variety of animals crossing the road kept everyone interested – the closest call being an emu – the largest animal being the Brahman cattle wandering without any fences.


We went through Gascoyne Junction and then out towards Kennedy Range. The campground looked busy on first glance but there were spots down the back where there was no one. The outlook – being camped at the base of the towering cliffs – was spectacular – changing with different light at different times of day.

Kennedy Range temple gorge camp

The boys, of course, found other kids to play with – frisbee, soccer and the ever-popular paper plane flying – if you are travelling with kids be sure to take an unlimited supply of A4 paper.

On Friday we headed up the walking trail that leads from the campground up into Temple Gorge. The walk branches and both sections are pretty easy going. We decided to leave the car and walk around the escarpment base trail to Honeycomb Gorge – a bit longer trek than we expected and the heat off the rocks increases the temperature big time. But the end of the gorge was cooler and we had a good rest before heading back.

Kennedy Range Hneycomb gorge

We cooked up some dinner on the fire which is a communal fireplace and did some star gazing.

Kennedy range temp,e gorge sunbset




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