May 13 – Brolga Ponds camp

After a great experience on the Mitchell Plateau we packed and headed off as early as we could. The road out was unlikely to have been sealed with bitumen over the past few days so we prepared ourselves for a slow, careful trip out. The campground had emptied out markedly since we arrived. We passed more traffic than on the way in (traffic = a car every 40minutes….). We stopped in at the King Edward River falls which are worth a visit – the water was roaring through and the rock platforms are a smooth, shiny red colour.

Back through the river crossing and back onto the Kalumburu Road – the ‘road closed’ barrier was still in the middle of the road so that northern coastline is a spot for “next time…”.

GRR rock outcrop

The road hadn’t been sealed as we expected and it was a slow drive out. A quick stop for lunch in whatever shade we could and we got back on the Gibb River Road.

On the Gibb super highway (at least that’s what it felt like after the Mitchell Plateau driving conditions) we decided to make some distance up and we made it to the beginning of Home Valley Station. We had an unexpected stop offering assistance to a couple with children who had a flat tyre and were having difficulty changing it. Tyre changed successfully it was getting late in the afternoon so we decided to look for a track off that might offer a campsite for the night. The first seemed ok except for another man there who we couldn’t rule out being an axe-murderer so we moved on. The next spot was a short drive in away from the road and then a large open quarry area which was perfect. As dusk settled in, we got the tent set up and cooked on the gas so we didn’t annoy the station people. Two Brolgas flew in to the the wetlands and other birds like ducks and Corellas came in for a drink too.

GRR brolga pools camp

Once the boys were asleep some balloons were blown up and tied up in the tent for tomorrow’s birthday festivities with Cam turning the big 6. The best thing about wide open camping areas like quarries is the amazing uninterrupted sunsets and sunrises and the 360 degree star gazing.

GRR Brolga Pools camp sunrise

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