May 16-17 Purnululu – Bungle Bungles

On Wednesday morning we had some school lessons and then hit the road. A fair drive south on the Great Northern Highway and we were on our way to Purnululu NP – home of the Bungle Bungles and various other great places. The road in off the highway is slow going – about 2 hours or so to travel 50 kilometres.

Bungles from a distance

A rocky winding trail with lots of creek crossings that were mostly dry but a few had water to get through. We went through the visitor centre and paid for a campsite. We chose Kurrajong campground so we could spend a day in the northern section of the park and then visit the remainder either later in the afternoon or the next day.

We got camp set up and perused the visitor brochure to plan tomorrow’s adventures.The next morning we were up and ready to go early. First stop Echidna Chasm and what a start to the day.

Bungles Echidna Gorge 3

Next was mini palm gorge which boasted an amazing walk thru the Gorge filled with spectacular palm trees that were the tallest palms we had seen!

Bungles Echidna Gorge Palms

We ended up heading down south to see the actual striped beehive domes of the Bungles and then a walk into Cathedral Gorge which was just unbelievable in size.

Elephant Rock was a fun little side trip.

Bungles Elephant Rock (2)

There are longer walks but once we’d done a good few kilometres with the boys we are hesitant to push them too much further. Another couple we were speaking with were spending five days here which seems probably longer than required but you could take your time and explore.

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