May 19 – Wolfe Creek Crater

We decided to visit the meteorite crater out at Wolfe Creek. It’s a long drive out along the Tanami Track to see a big hole in the ground but when the hole was made by a 50,000 tonne meteorite crashing into Earth 300,000 years ago…..we made the effort. The result of the impact is a round crater about 800 metres wide. The hole would have been much deeper but has obviously filled with sand and debris so it’s maybe 50 metres deep now.

Wolfe Creek Crater

We walked to the rim and then followed a steep rocky track down into the crater floor. Pretty interesting spot. We found some shade at an abandoned homestead nearby and read through graffiti mostly about the Wolfe Creek horror movies. As we were making lunch on the back of the ute, Cammy said and absolutely no jokeĀ  “there’s a man here”……there was no one at the crater and we couldn’t see a car anywhere. Not only was the bloke a creepy looking dude but he decided to ask if we “wanted water”…..”it’s good water” – reference to the two Wolfe Creek movies – the sequel of which we couldn’t keep watching. We smiled, nodded and wished we were back in the “safety” of Halls Creek. He got in his car which he’d parked down the side of the homestead and drove off. We had to open and close several gates along the road as we left and Josh wished he had a bullet proof vest – wondering if he’d hear the crack of the high-powered rifle from a kilometre away before the bullet hit. Somehow we made it out alive.

Lizard Wolfe Creek

We thought about camping back at Caroline Pool but a quick drive-by showed it was full. We decided to push out along the Duncan Road and eventually found a side track leading to a nice camping spot near the Johnston River with expansive views across the surrounding area.

Duncan Road Camp Sunset

One thought on “May 19 – Wolfe Creek Crater

  1. OMG. How scary for that man to be there and you were all by yourselves – I can just imagine how relieved you must have been to come out of there in one piece.


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