14-15 July – Owen Springs

After four nights we decided to keep moving and hit the road back towards Alice Springs – easy going on the bitumen for a few hundred kilometres. We stopped about 10kms before the main Stuart Highway intersection and found a basic camp off the side of the road far enough in that we could have a fire and only just hear the road which was very quiet from dusk onwards (not many people willing to take a chance with the wild camels, cattle, donkeys and kangaroos).

Lassiter Highway- bush camp sunrise

The next morning was cold and a splash of water on the tent when we were making tea quickly turned to ice which was remarkable for the boys. We packed up and left the camp which was a very pleasant spot with great views considering we had really just pulled off the road and driven along a fence line. Soon after we were back on the Stuart Highway and heading north.

A brief stop in at Rainbow Valley for a walk around an amazing area with some pretty remarkable colours and rock formations – would be a great spot to watch a sunset but you could spend a year travelling to all the spots in Australia where people reckon you need to see the sunset or the sunrise or the moonrise or a total eclipse….

We wanted to get into Owen Springs Reserve and camp on the Hugh River with it’s beautiful sandy riverbed and river red gums for shade and awesome firewood. We weren’t far in from the highway – maybe only 15 minutes – before we drove into the Redbank Waterhole camping area and worked our way up the dry riverbed to find a camp for the night. A great spot.

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