8 August – Coongie Lakes

We headed out the recently re-opened track to Coongie Lakes. The machinery work to get the track back in working order after the wet weather was still fresh and it was good timing.

There are not many camping sites out at the lake and we made do with the best place we could find. We could walk to the top of our sand dune, though, and gaze out at another oasis – this time a massive inland sea held between the sand dunes and covered in thousands and thousands of birds bobbing around on the lake and flying in large flocks overhead. What an incredible sight.

bird- Coongie Lake

No fires allowed to try and maintain a wilderness feel about the place and stop people pulling down old or dead trees that are so important for the huge diversity of birds that nest out here.

We did a nice walk in the morning around the edge of the lake to see all the birds a bit more close-up.

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