8 Dec – Cape Byron – our symbolic finish line

After driving some of the most remote, inaccessible and untouched places on the continent, we spent today driving through the metropolis that is south east Queensland. Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast. We watched the heaving traffic – bolstered by christmas shoppers no doubt. The boys spotted all the theme parks of course with huge water slides and towering roller coasters grabbing their attention.

Byron Bay

We’ve seen quite a few state borders around this land but the border between QLD and NSW is light on the fanfare – more concerned with making sure we know that “speed cameras are used in NSW” – we high-fived anyway (at 110km/hr compared to some outback border crossings where we drove across a dusty cattle grid at 5km/hr!). Our destination is Cape Byron and we are looking forward to reaching the most easterly point of Australia which will give us the final destination target in our around Australia travels – Northern-most point: Cape York, Southern: Wilsons Prom; Western: Steep Point; Highest: Kosciusko; Lowest: Lake Eyre; geographical centre of the whole bloody place (!) – Lamberts (near Finke in central Oz).

Byron Bay (7)

Although we’ve arrived here a week or so earlier than expected, being so close to home it was always going to have a sense of completion and act as our unofficial finish line. Byron Bay on a Sunday is hustle and bustle in town and even the walking tracks at the cape are busy with joggers and early morning walkers.

Byron Bay- we made it! (2)

As much as Byron has evolved into its hectic atmosphere, the place is still beautiful, the main beach is a favourite and the views from up at the lighthouse are fantastic – no whales to spot but even just watching the huge swell coming in and wrapping around the points is great.

Byron Bay (4)

So with a click of the camera, our trip has a sense of completion. We’re headed for Sawtell for tonight to see Nanna and then Korora to stay with Nick and Anna before we can get out to Darkwood for some space to unpack and maybe even clean the red dirt that’s probably permanently discoloured the Hilux.

Byron Bay- most easterly point of Australia

Our nomadic travels will continue until January when we’ll be faced with the daunting task of moving back home and going back to a normal life. But before then we’re looking forward to some time with the Sydney mob for chrissy, maybe some Blue Mountains sightseeing and kicking back for some central coast beach time.

Thanks for keeping in touch with us and our adventure – it’s been great knowing our small loyal band of readers has been following our trip. We thought we were going to be internet sensations at one point when one of our facebook posts hit 8000 people but our dreams of being celebrity bloggers faded as we reverted back to the usual viewers!

Gibb River facebook post

We’d like to put some maps and some facts and figures of where we’ve been, what we’ve done, and how we’ve done it etc together so there may be a few more blog posts popping up but otherwise, thanks for following our trip!

Byron Bay (5)



One thought on “8 Dec – Cape Byron – our symbolic finish line

  1. It’s been wonderful to follow along on your travels. My this year has gone quickly. We will certainly miss the blogs of your amazing adventure.
    Well done Josh, Amy, Lachlan & Cameron👏🇦🇺


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